Cash flow is critical to every business. There are quite a few industries that First Financial Factoring has served over the years. In every one of these categories, we’ve had the privilege of working closely with top experts to develop extensive knowledge about the specifics of their business.

below are just a few more industries we give our focus.
for details about how we’ve put factoring to work for these industries, or to find out what our experience is in your line, please call us at 866-654-8314.

• transportation and freight brokers
• oil and gas industry
• commercial printers
• high tech and related industries
• cable and dish installers
• distributors
• footwear manufacturers
• wholesalers
• pallets manufacturers
• security services
• furniture manufacturers
• commercial cleaning
• toy manufacturers
• plastic injection
• sporting goods manufacturers
• health care providers
• apparel
• nursing homes
• government contractors
• telecommunication

check out the top 10 reasons more companies choose us:

Top 10

Check out the top 10 reasons more trucking and
freight companies choose us:

1. More cash flow.

Compared to other financial institutions, First Financial Factoring has unique experience in trucking that enables us to get better terms and pass them on to you.  Bottom line, we charge you the lowest rates and deliver the best advance rates in the business.

2. Greater loyalty.

Drivers and owner-operators who get paid on time deliver better and more consistent service to your customers. Your financial reliability to them means having a team that will watch your back.

3. More time.

When you can forget about chasing down invoices, juggling payments and generally sweating the financials, you can concentrate on how to take your freight business to the next level.

4. Fewer bad debt expenses

Our careful screening and approval of your customer’s credit means you never pick up a load until you know payment will be there.

5. Getter credit.

With factoring, your company incurs no debt. Your balance sheet looks good to other financiers and that improved credit rating leads you to develop your trucking operation however you see fit.

6. Increased sales.

The flexibility that our reliable cash flow provides you the power to expand your business a little or a lot and bring in more revenue.

7. Less hassle.

No more collection agencies. No more tough-to-make client calls. One of our professionals will be dedicated to managing all your open invoices.

8. More loads and better routes

When you can afford to work with bigger organizations who tend to require 30 to 45 day payment schedules, those high paying brokers and shippers give you more business and better terms.

9. Less wasted money.

A predictable cash flow that covers your daily expenses like diesel, repairs, and permits, helps avoid costly fines, penalties and bank overdrafts.

10. More know-how.

50 years on the job with every conceivable kind of trucking company gives First Financial Factoring the background to make things go faster and smoother, keep your customers happier, and bring you greater value every day.