What if a financial service company actually understood that they were in business to serve their customers and make them happy?
Good news, you just found that company.
Here are a few of our services, a few of the ways we focus on your success:

Collection Management

No one better understands the importance of treating your customers with respect, care and complete professionalism. You’ve worked hard to build their loyalty and First Financial Factoring supports your efforts and your customers in every way.

We act as a friendly extension of your company, following up on your open invoices and seeing them through to resolution. That way you can get on with your business, rather than spending time and money on the collection process. Polite, efficient, and knowledgeable, we’re always ready to help.

By carefully screening your customers’ credit, we are well positioned to avoid problems or embarrassments of any kind, including loss to your company due to bad debt expenses.

Best of all, our collect management is included as a service to you for absolutely no additional fee.

Online Account Management

From anywhere in the world, at any time of day, you can instantly have REAL-TIME ACCESS to every aspect of your account.  Of course, there’s no additional charge.

This advanced, high security Web site is your gateway to every client, every invoice, every transaction and every report we manage for you.  With just a few keystrokes you can view the information you’re after in a variety of ways that will give you and instant status report as well as a deeper understanding of how these accounts affect your business.

It’s also the portal to our Credit Inquiry System that gives you quick answers to your questions about customers’ credit status as well as many other value-added services.

This is a unique and powerful tool that helps put you in control of your business like never before.

Credit Services

Now it’s easy to screen and approve your customers’ credit when you need that information most. First Financial Factoring offers you instant Web access to one of the most powerful credit databases available.

Our Credit Inquiry System is an online wonder that puts the information you need at your fingertips. Simply enter a few basic details about a prospective client, like name, phone number, city and state, and the amount of credit you want to extend them. Then the system will give you an immediate answer if their credit is approved or disapproved. With this important tool at your command, bad debt expenses are all but completely eliminated. Only in rare occasions when we don’t find financial information on your prospect customer you get an email in under 15 minutes allowing you to approve or decline their credit, including the dollar amount the system approves.

This extensive database is updated daily. So you can be confident that all information is accurate and up to date.

First Financial Factoring Extra Services

Even with all our technological capabilities, First Financial Factoring knows you still need a person you can talk to and trust to watch out for your best interests. Not only do we ensure you a dedicated account representative to answer questions and help you through every issue, we assign a backup person to know you and your accounts and be ready for those rare moments when your regular person might not be available.

Further, as we generate a wide range of reports on your invoices, we share them with your staff and you. We review every invoice and mail each one to your customers the same day we receive them from you. All customer payments are immediately documented to insure peace of mind for you and for them.

No other factor organization works harder to make you and your company satisfied and successful.